Lilian Hess is an independent writer/director based between Berlin and London. A documentarist at heart and former scholar of Modern Literature and Surrealism, Lilian’s work spans not only a vast variety of themes, ranging from explorations of friendship, disease, migration and architecture, but she also works across different media. Regardless of subject matter or medium, her storytelling places at its centre the human experience. Her graduation film “Revising Anneliese” (19’, 2017) — a short biographical documentary about a Nazi supporter turned queer post war fashion designer — earned her a nomination for Best Edit at BAFTA’s Underwire Festival straight out of Goldsmiths University. 

Her first venture into VR was as the producer of the critically acclaimed VR Performance “Cosmos Within Us” (38’, dir by Tupac Martir, 2019), which earned her team a nomination for a PGA Award for Innovation, and was awarded the prestigious Lumen Prize in 2020. The piece offers a glimpse into the experience of a man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and has been on show at the Venice Film Festival (nominated for Best Interactive), Raindance Film Festival (Winner of Spirit Award) and The Eye Amsterdam (Winner of Halo Award) amongst others.

Lilian’s photography work, shot predominantly on film, encompasses a growing collection of portraits and Momentaufnahmen. Her photograph “Before Irma” was chosen amongst the top 100 photographs of 2017 by MPB & The British Journal of Photography. The image captures European holidayers celebrating at a Cuban resort only hours before hurricane Irma struck the island. The picture was later on auction at the Hart Club Gallery in London alongside work of acclaimed British photographer Martin Parr


Most recently, in January 2021, Lilian was invited to workshop her piece "Duchampiana VR" at the Biennale VR College in Venice.


For inquiries please reach out to Lilian here.