Synopsis: Challenging sexist representations of women across the media, DUCHAMPIANA VR focuses on the famously symbolic motif of “The Woman Descending the Stairs''. It's a display pose that’s been forced upon female bodies for centuries across film and art, perpetuating connotations of disempowerment and lack of agency. This VR installation plays with the technique of “power posing” and invites the user to take action by climbing an electric stair climber, programmed to communicate with the headset via a set of trackers. This active participation allows the user to live the positive experience of allyship as they follow the archetypal protagonist Duchampiana on her quest towards empowerment.


The piece takes one of the most recognisable works of art, Marcel Duchamp’s “Nu descendant un escalier” (1912) and brings its protagonist to life. In this story, we witness Duchamp’s “Nu” as she steps beyond the boundaries of the canvas, and experiences an epiphany. Thus far trapped in an eternal descent down the infinite staircase, observed and scrutinised by onlookers, Duchampiana decides to turn her life upside down, to turn her eternal descent into a cathartic ascent. Guiding us ever upwards, into the midst of a virtual women’s march, this story culminates in a sensory celebration of sisterhood and allyship.

Residencies: Biennale VR College 2021

Markets: Venice Gap Financing Market 2021, VR Days 2021