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Synopsis: Questioning the perpetually objectifying representation of women across the ages, this VR installation enlivens Duchamp’s famous “Nude Descending A Staircase” and enables its protagonist to drastically change her course. A journey which culminates in a sensory celebration of sisterhood and allyship.

Duchampiana VR is a virtual, real-time rendered and animated installation experience which prompts the user to physically climb an electric stair climber, while following Duchampiana up the infamous infinite staircase. 

Residencies: Biennale VR College 2021, Berlinale Talents (Short Form Station) 2022

Markets: Venice Gap Financing Market 2021, VR Days 2021, IFFR 2022, New Images 2022

Prizes: 4DR Studio Award for Best Pitch at IFFR, nominated for Women In Immersive Tech Meta Grant 2022


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